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Dear Friends and Neighbors,  

I am an energy expert who is also committed to seeing all of Houston’s economy thrive and who believes that “Houston Can Do Better” with a congressman who will put Houston before party politics.

CBS_Channel 11_KHOU Interview with James Cargas

Energy Attorney for the Energy Corridor

Over the past twenty years, I have developed an understanding of the complexity of energy and environmental policies from having worked at:

● The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

● The Clinton White House at the President’s Council on Sustainable Development

● Gov. Bill Richardson’s U.S. Department of Energy

● The North American Energy Standards Board

● A major interstate pipeline company and drilling service company. 

I am currently the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy for Mayor Annise Parker, a position I also held under Mayor Bill White.


A comprehensive national energy policy is one goal that I am passionate about.

Cargas Video: Energy Matters


Protect Social Safety Nets: As a Democrat, I am committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security from drastic measures like the Republican Ryan Budget, which John Culberson supports. Cargas Press Release on Medicare


Protect Women’s Rights: I will protect women’s health issues and preserve their ability to make their own medical decisions with no congressional interference.

Cargas Video: Protect Women's Rights

Cargas Press Release on Culberson's Views on Rape Along with Akin


Increase Federal Funding for Science: Congress must fully fund science and biotechnology.  In Texas, every dollar spent on research generates $2.49 in economic activity.  Research funding also creates thousands of highly skilled jobs, can help America recapture the lead in research, and save lives with new discoveries.

Cargas Endorsed by Renowned Scientists and Physicians_YahooNews


Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform: I will work for comprehensive immigration reform that offers hard working undocumented workers a path to citizenship.  It is not only the American thing to do, but it can also mean an extra $1.4 billion in tax revenue for Harris County. Cargas Press Release: On the Dream Act


Support Public Transportation: With some 200 people moving to Houston every day, I am dedicated to a robust public transportation system before we become like Los Angeles.

Cargas Video: Transportation Matters                                          


Fiscal Responsibility: Reintroduce Arithmetic to Congress

As a fiscally conservative Texan, I am committed to once again balancing the federal budget, reducing the national debt and reintroducing arithmetic to Congress.  Through hard work and consensus building, I will make surgical cuts to our federal budget that trim waste and inefficiency without compromising America’s future.  And, where appropriate, I want to see Congress stimulate the economy like re-dedicating itself to making America a leader in science and biotechnology.

I got into this race because the current do-nothing Congress wastes time and taxpayer resources on scoring political points, rather than protecting our economy, and generating jobs.


Congressional District 7 Ready to Change

Texas’ Congressional District 7 (CD7) was once where George H. W. Bush started his political career.  Today, the district is very different demographically but still retains its moderate disposition.


Like the rest of Harris County, CD7 has seen an explosion is Hispanic, African American and Asian populations.  Although it remains one of the districts with the highest median income level, its middle-class population has grown significantly.  Its voting citizens are also very ethnically diverse due to the influx of professionals from around the world to the I-10 Energy Corridor and Texas Medical Center.  A majority of CD7 voters were born outside Texas, with 28% coming from other states and 23% coming from outside the USA.  The demographics are very different than Congressman Bush’s days.


In one sense, however, the district has remained the same – it remains home to moderates who reject the politics of extremes.  When Bush ran for Congress, they rejected extreme liberals. Today, they are rejecting extreme Tea Party conservatives.  


My opponent, John Culberson has moved further and further to the extreme right along with his House Republican friends Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachmann and others.  I am finding the mood of voters continues to shift in my direction, away from extreme Tea Party ideology, and towards the main-stream issues I have been discussing for years now: the economy, jobs, a balanced federal budget, public transportation, and restoring America’s international reputation and leadership.                                          

 Washington Monthly: "Central Message of the Cargas Campaign...he’s running against the Tea Party"


With your vote and support, I will get Congress moving again.


I am deeply honored to have you by my side on March 4th!



Houston Can Do Better!



Thursday, October 16, 2014 12:25 PM

Houston Chronicle Endorses James Cargas for Congress

The Houston Chronicle has endorsed James Cargas for Congress in Congressional District 7 over the seven-term incumbent declaring “it’s time for change.”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 3:00 PM

Cargas to Moderate Democratic Energy Caucus in Dallas

James Cargas will be moderating and presenting at the Energy Caucus of the Democratic Party Convention, being held in Dallas on Friday, June 27th.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 3:28 AM

EPA Declares the City of Houston No. 9 Green Power User in America

EPA Declares Houston the ninth largest purchasers of green energy in America - James Cargas is part of team that made it possible.

Sunday, March 2, 2014 3:51 AM

James Cargas Recognized by Texpatriate and Dos Centavos

This week James Cargas received endorsements from two Houston political blogs,  Texapatriate and Dos Centavos.

Thursday, February 27, 2014 1:05 AM

Chronicle: James Cargas would be a voice for Houston, and a wise Democratic primary choice.

The Houston Chronicle endorsed James Cargas last week. Today, the Editorial Board published the their reasons for making him the Chronicle’s choice in the March 4th Democratic Primary.

Cargas for Congress
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