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Vote for James Cargas and get Congress working again to:

Bring Back American Jobs

It has taken four years of steady growth just to recover the nine million jobs lost during the recent recession. With the unemployment rate at 6.7% and too many Houstonians still left out of the workforce, there is  more which must be done to get America back to work. This includes targeted tax cuts for small businesses, innovative unemployment insurance reform, making the payroll tax cut permanent, and preventing the layoff of teachers, police, firefighters and other essential public servants.

Invest in America’s Future

The Tea Party’s crusade to lower taxes at every opportunity and cut federal spending indiscriminately has devastated certain areas essential to America’s future.  We need to rebuild our economy, not dismantle and weaken it.  Areas that are essential to rebuilding our economy include: Education, Research in Science and Biotechnology, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Renewable Energy.

Enact a Comprehensive Energy Policy

Energy independence is a matter of national security and economic stability. The high price of oil has stimulated drilling and production more than any federal subsidy ever could.  Supply is only part of the equation, reducing our demand is equally important.  For non-transportation needs, America needs fossil fuel sources like coal and natural gas, and also renewable sources like solar, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal and hydroelectric, as well as nuclear.  Congress has for decades failed to balance these diverse sources or develop a comprehensive policy for an orderly transition away from non-renewable fossil fuels towards renewable and domestic energy sources.

Increase Science and Biotechnology Funding

The Texas Medical Center contains 49 world-class educational and research institutions and top-tier hospitals employing 93,000 Houstonians with an annual economic impact of $14 billion for the Houston area.  Its economic future and preeminence in scientific research have been in peril for almost a decade as federal funding for science has been below the rate of inflation.  During the current recession, it has become more acute as private donors are less able to make up the difference.  Congress must fully fund science and biotechnology.  In Texas, every dollar spent on research generates $2.49 in economic activity.  Research funding also creates thousands of highly skilled jobs, can help America recapture the lead in research, and save lives with new discoveries.

My Responses to Research!America Questionnaire

Candidate Survey on CDC Funding and Viral Hepatitis_Cargas Responses on page 56-58

My pledge to support Pediatric Cancer Research

Read How James Cargas Will Work to Fully Fund Research At the Texas Medical Center (.PDF)

Cargas Endorsed by Renowned Scientists and Physicians_YahooNews

Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Fact: 11 to 20 million undocumented people live in the United States.  Building larger more expensive walls will not change this.  These individuals are already here, and the overwhelming majority of them are living, working and contributing to our economy and communities.  America will benefit socially and economically from comprehensive immigration reform. Yet members of the Tea Party keep blocking reform while wasting tax payer funds on expensive fences and militarization of our borders.  Ending the underground and untaxed economy will generate an additional $1.4 billion in tax revenue for the Houston area alone.


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